Scrum Training in a Scrum way

20 Sep 2016
by cvringer

At a company i work with, i’ve facilitated several scrum trainings.
In stead of the usual (boring) ‘sit and listen’ trainings, in this training, participants can determine the content themselves. Of course there are more intersting items then there is time for, (just as in the ‘real’ world) hence they have to prioritize what they want to learn this day. From those items, we create a backlog and we choose a Product Owner. Now we start with sprints. In every Sprint we deal with the topics defined in our sprint backlog. We use live examples and excercises to explain the theory. After every sprint, there is a sprint review with Product Owner, Stakeholders and team (we, the trainers) and a retrospective. Next we all decide if adjustment of the items is needed, and we plan the next sprint.

Of course it happens that we don’t finish all items in a sprint(just as in the ‘real’ world). We then decide together what to do with the remainin items. So the whol training is given using Srcum, with all scrum elements in place. At the end of the day, the students have done 4 to 6 sprints, in which they have learned the theory, and done scrum in practice. I recieve many enthousiastic reactions from this way of teaching Scrum, and the training itself is full of energy. A very energizing and fun way to do!

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